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masterUse include statements (not pipe).Jonas Smedegaard14 months
moms-2018-06commit 4ec81f1db7...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
skat-2015-5commit e2ca5e3279...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
skat-2016-2commit e2ca5e3279...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
skat-2017-2commit e2ca5e3279...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
skat-2017commit c7aabddf09...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
moms-2017-12-2commit c7aabddf09...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
moms-2015-12-2commit b2b3790c01...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
skat-2015-4commit 41d50efb46...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
moms-2016-12-3commit 41d50efb46...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
moms-2017-06-2commit 41d50efb46...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-09-24Use include statements (not pipe).HEADmasterJonas Smedegaard
2019-09-23Add expenses for 2nd half of 2018 and 1st half of 2019.Jonas Smedegaard
2019-09-23Resolve assets 2018-2019.Jonas Smedegaard
2019-09-23Add/update raw bank data 2018-2019.Jonas Smedegaard
2019-09-23Improve metadata for 2018 expenses.Jonas Smedegaard
2019-09-23Fix avoid bogusly sharing BahnCard expense with Siri.Jonas Smedegaard
2019-09-23Update expenses for 2018, and preliminarily add for 1st half of 2019.Jonas Smedegaard
2019-09-23Fix unotel and fibia expenses 2015-2018: File as expenses:internet (not expen...Jonas Smedegaard
2019-09-23Fix unotel expenses 2012-2016: File under liabilities:payable:internet (not l...Jonas Smedegaard
2019-09-23Fix add primo.ledger for 2018.Jonas Smedegaard