AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-31add data for 2022HEADskat-2021-2moms-2022-06moms-2021-12-2masterJonas Smedegaard
2022-08-31detect Pine Store as hardware vendorJonas Smedegaard
2022-08-31update private raw bank dataJonas Smedegaard
2022-08-31update data for 2021Jonas Smedegaard
2022-08-31fix a bank date for 2020 (with bank date in 2021Jonas Smedegaard
2022-08-31fix 2020 estimated USD rate used to value NOTES in DKKJonas Smedegaard
2022-03-02fix inverse income in 2021skat-2021moms-2021-12moms-2021-06-2Jonas Smedegaard
2022-03-02fix double-booked income in 2020 (received 2021)Jonas Smedegaard
2022-03-02tidy: sort entries by date for income in 2020Jonas Smedegaard
2022-03-02update data for 2021Jonas Smedegaard
2022-01-27detect KUROSEKU and NEAT PINE STORE LTD as hardware vendorsJonas Smedegaard
2022-01-27detect CLEAR FINANCE TE as Purism paymentJonas Smedegaard
2022-01-27regenerate bank ledger for 2021Jonas Smedegaard
2022-01-27add remaining raw bank data for 2021Jonas Smedegaard
2022-01-27declare estimate currency to allow value NOTES in DKKskat-2020moms-2020-12-2Jonas Smedegaard
2022-01-27correct 2020 incomeJonas Smedegaard
2022-01-27track convertible notes (NOTE) as separate commodity (not USD)Jonas Smedegaard
2022-01-27update data for 2020moms-2020-06-2Jonas Smedegaard
2022-01-27update data for 2018skat-2019skat-2018-2moms-2019-06-2moms-2018-12moms-2018-06-2Jonas Smedegaard
2022-01-27update data for 2019Jonas Smedegaard
2022-01-26fix adjust FSuB values from (tax reported) estimate to (at next primo) actual...Jonas Smedegaard
2022-01-26fix avoid exchange from SEK (newer hledger oddly fails to resolve from foreig...Jonas Smedegaard
2022-01-26fix exchange explicitly from EUR (newer hledger apparently does not auto-reso...Jonas Smedegaard
2021-09-04add raw Paypal dataJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01update data for 2020Jonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01update private raw bank dataJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01fix decimal point, strip superfluous quotes, and replace embedded null+newlin...Jonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01update data for 2019Jonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01regenerate bank ledger for 2019Jonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01fix use GBP (not £) in 2019 expensesJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01fix use EUR (not €) in 2019 expensesJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01drop unused file defaults.ledgerJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01(un)detect 2019-09-26 DK-NOTAZ7799 DSB 7-ELEVEN KOLDN and 2019-10-01 DK-NOTAZ...Jonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01regenerate bank ledgersJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01fix use DKK (not kr) as default currency in bank ledgersJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01replace embedded null+newline with tab in raw bank dataJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01fix decimal point in raw bank data for 2011, and strip superfluous quotes for...Jonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01regenerate bank ledgers for 2016 and 2018Jonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01detect OEKOVEJEN.DK and LENI MØLLSØE TANDL as privateJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01regenerate bank ledger for 2018Jonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01detect QATAR AIR as travel expense generally, but as assets:receivable:purism...Jonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01annotate geopoints for 2019-07-31 bahn P26M9EJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01add currency rate for 2019-09-06 bahn FVNLXV, and annotate geopointsJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01update data for 2020moms-2020-12moms-2020-06Jonas Smedegaard
2021-09-01add data for first half of 2021moms-2021-06Jonas Smedegaard
2021-08-31detect DCS APS as goods expenseJonas Smedegaard
2021-08-31add paris train expenses; add a few pay datesJonas Smedegaard
2021-08-31regenerate bank ledger for 2018Jonas Smedegaard
2021-08-31detect TRAINLINE as travel expenseJonas Smedegaard
2021-08-31detect train kiosk shopping in 2018 as private (not train travel)Jonas Smedegaard