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@@ -15,34 +15,34 @@ which is potentially relevant for others too,
then better do it in public.
On [Matrix][] I hang out in the chatrooms
-and [][],
+and [](,
among others.
On [Jabber][] I hang out in the chatroom
-([more info][],
+([more info](,
among others.
On [IRC][] I hang out in the channels
-and [#debian-devel][ircs://]
+and [#debian-devel](ircs://
at [](,
-and [#olimex][ircs://]
+and [#olimex](ircs://
at [](,
among others.
On email I follow the mailinglists
-and [pkg-sugar-devel][]
+and [pkg-sugar-devel](
at Debian,
at Goldelico,
-and [public-rww][]
+and [public-rww](
at W3C,
among others.
@@ -59,18 +59,18 @@ then please reconsider:
Generally we hang out in public rooms _because_ we want some related "noise".
On [Matrix][]
-I am [][]
+I am [](
at my own system,
-and [][]
+and [](
at the system of one of my clients.
On [Jabber][]
-I am [][]
-and [][].
+I am [](
+and [](
On [IRC][]
-I am **jonas** at [][]
-and **jonas_s** at [][].
+I am **jonas** at [](
+and **jonas_s** at [](
My main email address is <> -
alternatives include <> and <>.
@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ alternatives include <> and <>.
## Realtime
-You can also [visit or call me][/info],
+You can also [visit or call me](/info),
or we can arrange a virtual audio-only or audio/video meeting.