This project produces a set of slippy maps.


This document provides a broad overview of the project.

For detailed information, please consult these additional documents:

  • <USE.md> - ways to use of the project as-is, and their requirements
  • <TODO.md> - future tasks and ideas
  • <LICENSE.md> - copyright and licensing info

Also, each source file - in particular the scripts below - contain specific notes on use and requirements at the top of the file.


When needed software is installed a web service can be started and the visualizations accessed from a web browser.

A minimal web service is included ready to use for quick preview. For large-scale publication a production quality service like Apache Httpd is recommended.

See file <USE.md> for detailed information on ways to use of the project as-is, and their requirements.


See file <LICENSE.md> for detailed copyright and licensing info.

Please do not hesitate to ask if in doubt.


Main developer: Jonas Smedegaard dr@jones.dk.

We would love to hear from you, whether about uses and reuses of the project, interest in helping out to improve some things, or just excitement or scepticism, or whatever :-)