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-# Messaging
+# Leave me a message
-Views and works on chat, presence, carriage of messages,
-and other issues related to messaging.
+I love to chat - both in real time and by exchanging messages.
+Here is how you can leave me a message...
+## Shout
+You are most welcome to reach me publicly,
+where others can listen in and potentially join our conversation.
+If you wanna ask or share something
+which is potentially relevant for others too,
+then better do it in public.
+On [Matrix][] I hang out in the chatrooms
+and [][],
+among others.
+On [Jabber][] I hang out in the chatroom
+([more info][],
+among others.
+On [IRC][] I hang out in the channels
+and [#debian-devel][ircs://]
+at [](,
+and [#olimex][ircs://]
+at [](,
+among others.
+On email I follow the mailinglists
+and [pkg-sugar-devel][]
+at Debian,
+at Goldelico,
+and [public-rww][]
+at W3C,
+among others.
+## Whisper
+You can also reach me discretely.
+Please then mention explicitly your reasion(s) for discretion:
+That helps me respect your secrets/anonymity etc.
+If you reason for discretion is to not "disturb" a larger crowd with your "noise",
+then please reconsider:
+Generally we hang out in public rooms _because_ we want some related "noise".
+On [Matrix][]
+I am [][]
+at my own system,
+and [][]
+at the system of one of my clients.
+On [Jabber][]
+I am [][]
+and [][].
+On [IRC][]
+I am **jonas** at [][]
+and **jonas_s** at [][].
+My main email address is <> -
+alternatives include <> and <>.
+## Realtime
+You can also [visit or call me][/info],
+or we can arrange a virtual audio-only or audio/video meeting.
+ "Matrix - federated chat system handling chains of encrypted JSON messages"
+ "Jabber (technically: XMPP) - federated chat system handling streams of optionally encrypted XML messages"
+ "IRC (Internet Relay Chat) - federated chat system handling streams of plaintext messages"
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@@ -8,55 +8,16 @@ Dear Facebook friend,
I like you and I want to chat with you, just not on Facebook!
My Facebook account is there to reach you where you are, but I do not
-hang out there. Please join me at Free and Open spaces instead - via
-email, IRC or Jabber...
+hang out there. Please join me at Free and Open spaces instead -
+via [email, Matrix, IRC or Jabber][/msg]...
-## Good old email
-If you cannot be bothered with change, then simply email me!
-My email address is <> like always :-)
-## Simple webchat
-If you are in a hurry and do not use Jabber yet, then try use my
-[Simple Groupchat](
-Use guest login if you are not a user at
-## Proper Jabber
-Jabber is similar to email: You need 1) an account somewhere, 2) some
-client application setup to use that account, and 3) the address of
-those you want to connect.
-1. Register an account at e.g. Indonesian or
- [some](
- [other](
- [server](
-2. Install a Jabber client program...:
- * on Windows try install Gajim from <>.
- * on smartphone try app from <>.
- * on Ubuntu try use the Me menu in top right corner.
- * on Debian try install Pidgin: aptitude install pidgin.
-3. Invite me as your friend/buddy: my Jabber ID is
-4. Tell your friends to do the same! :-D
-## Geeky IRC
-Many computer geeks hang out on IRC. I find it ugly and clumsy to use,
-but most of my techie friends are there, so I recommend going there to
-discuss technical matters.
-On [OFTC]( my nickname is jonas, and I often
-hang out at the chatroom #debian-devel (plus a few others).
## Why not Facebook?
Facebook is a closed system: all activities happen at one central place.
-Email, Jabber and IRC are open protocols, exchanging between many Free
-systems (and some non-free ones as well).
+Email, Matrix, Jabber and IRC are open protocols,
+exchanging between many Free systems (and some non-free ones as well).
> Imagine having an overprotecting mother, who allow you only to meet
> your friends at one spot in town - where she can look after you.
@@ -64,6 +25,7 @@ systems (and some non-free ones as well).
> You maybe have no secrets from your mom, but probably still appreciate
> the *option* of being alone - to have some privacy.
-Facebook is that one spot in town. Jabber is "let's go meet somewhere".
+Facebook is that one spot in town.
+Open platforms are "let's go meet somewhere".
Regards, Jonas