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2011-01-30Fix preserve forced newline in po4a Text module.Jonas Smedegaard
2011-01-30Sync with po4a 0.40.1.Jonas Smedegaard
2011-01-30Sync with (CVS snapshot of) po4a 0.39.1.Jonas Smedegaard
2011-01-30Sync with po4a 0.36.1.Jonas Smedegaard
2011-01-30Revert "Drop superfluous /ms regex extensions."Jonas Smedegaard
2011-01-30Drop superfluous /ms regex extensions.Jonas Smedegaard
2011-01-30Disable wrap on macro begin at middle of a line.Jonas Smedegaard
2011-01-30Ignore <URL> from html detection in po4a plugin.Jonas Smedegaard
2011-01-30Separate markdown and wrap rules in po4a plugin.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-08-04Extend make and po4a to support templates.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-08-04Much improved Markdown support.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-08-03Fix Locale::Po4a::Text reset flags on new file.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-08-03Fix not stripping final newline of some filesJonas Smedegaard
2008-08-02Sync Locale::Po4a::Text with po4a 0.34.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-05-31Mark oneliners as non-wrap again (it was needed after all).Jonas Smedegaard
2008-05-31Don't mark oneliners as non-wrap (and polish coding style).Jonas Smedegaard
2008-05-31Fix po4a: Really treat line-based Markdown markup as such.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-05-31Fix po4a: Treat paragraph-based Markdown markup as such.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-05-31Fix po4a: Only strip fortune comment in fortunes mode.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-05-31Sync with po4a 0.33.3.Jonas Smedegaard
2007-11-06Disable markdown tweaks by default in po4a perl module, and instead enable th...Jonas Smedegaard
2007-11-06Use local Locale::Po4a::Text tweaked to not wrap paragraphs containing headli...Jonas Smedegaard