AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-10-18Fix preserve forced newline in po4a Text module.HEADmasterJonas Smedegaard
2010-10-18Sync with po4a 0.40.1.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-10-05Fix dummy_MODULES init rule in Makefile.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-10-05Create dummy git repos for dummy content (not-git folders may upset Ikiwiki)....Jonas Smedegaard
2010-10-04Really really fix make space after hash optional in plugin h1title.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-10-04Fix fix to make space after hash optional in plugin h1title.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-10-04Strip non-git VCS cruft from ikiwiki config.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-10-04Use $SRCDIR favored over $PWD in ikiwiki config.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-10-01Fix make space after hash optional in plugin h1title.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-09-16Add plugin h1title.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-09-03Fix always prepend basedir in ikiwiki config, and tidy our vars.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-09-01Fix have install target depend on init.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-09-01Drop TODO (locale files are now in same dir as smiley plugin).Jonas Smedegaard
2010-09-01Create dummy_MODULES in init target.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-08-31Fix generalize gitrepo in ikiwiki setup file.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-08-31Generalize paths and URLs iki ikiwiki setup file.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-08-30Use qw{} in add_plugins and disable_plugins.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-08-30Always enable VCS (not only for admin setup.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-08-30Avoid setting CGI script suid: upsets apache2-suexec.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-19Sync submodules basewiki directives and templates.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-19Improve grammar (OpenID is common gender, not neuter; wikipedia link on url) ...Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-18Improve grammar in danish po of basewiki and templates: signin=registrér/not...Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-18Fix a grammar error in danish po of templates.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-18Refresh (i.e. drop po line-wrapping of) danish po of templates.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-18Fix a couple of grammar errors in danish po of templates.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-17Update danish PO of smiley.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-17Update danish PO of templates.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-16Update danish PO of basewiki.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-16Sync with (CVS snapshot of) po4a 0.39.1.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-16Bump Project-Id-Version for PO templates.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-16Bump ikiwiki_VERSION in Makefile.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-15Add javascript openid-selector and themes as submodules.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-15Sync POT with ikiwiki 3.20100704.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-14No longer gitignore content (should be registered with git submodule now).Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-14No longer gitginore basewiki or templates_nonedit.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-11Rewrite Makefiles and README to reflect use of Git submodule (not multi-layer...Jonas Smedegaard
2010-07-11Add basewiki, directives, smiley and templates as submodules, and no longer g...Jonas Smedegaard
2009-05-25Sync with po4a 0.36.1.Jonas Smedegaard
2009-05-25Strip old superfluous comments from PO files.Jonas Smedegaard
2009-05-25Regenerate PO-files using po4a 0.36.1.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-10-25Use full (but $PATH-expanded) path for libdir.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-10-23Fix use -ikiwiki extension to Git hook.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-10-23Set wikiname to match older one: wiki -> MyWiki.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-10-23Update templates POT and danish PO.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-10-23Revert "Drop superfluous /ms regex extensions."Jonas Smedegaard
2008-10-23Add directives POT.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-10-23Update basewiki POT and danish PO.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-10-23Drop superfluous /ms regex extensions.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-10-23Disable wrap on macro begin at middle of a line.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-10-22Adapt ikiwiki.setup paths to common usage.Jonas Smedegaard