BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
_multilangMerge branch 'nb' into _multilangJonas Smedegaard12 years
allinoneExtend plugin meta to support foaf.Jonas Smedegaard12 years
allinone-daMerge branch 'wian' into allinone-daJonas Smedegaard12 years
allinone-multilangMerge branch '_multilang' into allinone-multilangJonas Smedegaard12 years
allinone-nbMerge branch 'wian' into allinone-nbJonas Smedegaard12 years
cleanMerge branch '_clean' into cleanJonas Smedegaard12 years
daMerge branch '_da' into daJonas Smedegaard12 years
multilangMerge branch '_multilang' into multilangJonas Smedegaard12 years
nbMerge branch '_nb' into nbJonas Smedegaard12 years
scsMerge branch '_scs' into scsJonas Smedegaard12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2009-05-25Sync with po4a 0.36.1.po4aJonas Smedegaard
2008-08-02Sync Locale::Po4a::Text with po4a 0.34.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-08-01Sync ikiwiki.setup with ikiwiki 2.55.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-06-20Add plugins copyright, license and varioki, and graphicsmagick wrapper for Im...Jonas Smedegaard
2008-06-14Let git init target do init (we don't use it anyway currently).Jonas Smedegaard
2008-06-14In update: fetch once, then for each branch (crate and) merge.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-06-14Recursively expand currentbranch, as it may change inside same build target.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-06-14Tighten currentbranch match.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-06-01Major improvements to git rules.Jonas Smedegaard
2008-06-01Sort list of l10nfiles (in attempt at fixing po4a breakage.Jonas Smedegaard