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@@ -28,13 +28,22 @@ Or to display a cloud of tags related to Linux, you could use:
\[[!pagestats pages="tags/* and !tags/linux" among="tagged(linux)"]]
-The optional `show` parameter limits display to the specified number of
+The optional `limit` parameter limits display to the specified number of
pages. For instance, to show a table of the top ten pages with the most
- \[[!pagestats style="table" show="10"]]
+ \[[!pagestats style="table" limit="10"]]
+In older versions of IkiWiki this parameter was called `show`;
+that name still works, if its value is numeric.
The optional `class` parameter can be used to control the class
of the generated tag cloud `div` or page stats `table`.
+By default, the names of pages are shown. The `show` parameter
+can be used (with a non-numeric value) to show the titles or descriptions
+of pages instead (as set by the [[meta]] directive). For example:
+ \[[!pagestats pages="tags/*" show="title"]]
[[!meta robots="noindex, follow"]]