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The pagestats directive is supplied by the [[!iki plugins/pagestats desc=pagestats]] plugin.

This directive can generate stats about how pages link to each other. It can produce either a tag cloud, or a table counting the number of links to each page.

Here's how to use it to create a [[tag]] cloud, with tags sized based on frequency of use:

\[[!pagestats pages="tags/*"]]

Here's how to create a list of tags, sized by use as they would be in a cloud.

\[[!pagestats style="list" pages="tags/*"]]

And here's how to create a table of all the pages on the wiki:

\[[!pagestats style="table"]]

The optional among parameter limits the pages whose outgoing links are considered. For instance, to display a cloud of tags used on blog entries, while ignoring other pages that use those tags, you could use:

\[[!pagestats pages="tags/*" among="blog/posts/*"]]

Or to display a cloud of tags related to Linux, you could use:

\[[!pagestats pages="tags/* and !tags/linux" among="tagged(linux)"]]

The optional limit parameter limits display to the specified number of pages. For instance, to show a table of the top ten pages with the most links:

\[[!pagestats style="table" limit="10"]]

In older versions of IkiWiki this parameter was called show; that name still works, if its value is numeric.

The optional class parameter can be used to control the class of the generated tag cloud div or page stats table.

By default, the names of pages are shown. The show parameter can be used (with a non-numeric value) to show the titles or descriptions of pages instead (as set by the [[meta]] directive). For example:

\[[!pagestats pages="tags/*" show="title"]]

[[!meta robots="noindex, follow"]]