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@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ ikiwiki, [[WikiLinks|ikiwiki/wikilink]] can also be used. For example:
The `graph` directive supports the following parameters:
- `src` - The graphviz source to render.
+* `file` - A file in the wiki containing the graphviz source.
- `type` - The type of graph to render: `graph` or `digraph`. Defaults to
- `prog` - The graphviz program to render with: `dot`, `neato`, `fdp`, `twopi`,
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@@ -75,8 +75,13 @@ a quote in the text by writing `&quot;` and so on.
* date
- Specifies the creation date of the page. The date can be entered in
- nearly any format, since it's parsed by [[!cpan TimeDate]].
+ Specifies the creation date of the page. This creates a
+ `<meta name="date" content="...">` header in the HTML output, but also
+ modifies the internal `ctime` in the
+ [[!iki tips/inside_dot_ikiwiki desc="internal index"]].
+ The date can be entered in nearly any format, since it's parsed by
+ [[!cpan TimeDate]] but invalid dates yield an error in 3.20180321
+ or later.
* stylesheet
@@ -193,7 +198,8 @@ a quote in the text by writing `&quot;` and so on.
modification time, like Planet: for instance, when editing an old blog post
to add tags, you could set `updated` to be one second later than the original
value. The date/time can be given in any format that
- [[!cpan TimeDate]] can understand, just like the `date` field.
+ [[!cpan TimeDate]] can understand, just like the `date` field and maps to the
+ `<meta name="updated" content="...">` HTML header and internal `mtime` field.
* foaf
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@@ -23,5 +23,12 @@ Parameters:
another choice to the poll.
* `total` - Show total number of votes at bottom of poll. Default is "yes".
* `percent` - Whether to display percents. Default is "yes".
+* `postlink` - By default after voting the updated page containing the poll
+ is displayed. This parameter allows advancing onward to another page.
+ This is useful for multi-page polls.
+* `posttrail` - Similar to postvote, but allows advancing to the next page
+ on a trail after a vote. The value of the parameter is the name of the
+ page that defines the trail to follow. The trail plugin must be
+ enabled for this to work.
[[!meta robots="noindex, follow"]]