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h1titleMerge branch 'ikiwiki' into h1titleJonas Smedegaard6 years
h1title-daMerge branch 'da' into h1title-daJonas Smedegaard6 years
h5bpMerge branch 'ikiwiki' into h5bpJonas Smedegaard6 years
h5bp-daMerge branch 'da' into h5bp-daJonas Smedegaard6 years
ikiwikiSync with ikiwiki 3.20141016.2.Jonas Smedegaard6 years
langsbottomMerge branch 'ikiwiki' into langsbottomJonas Smedegaard6 years
masterMerge (manually) branches 'bars', 'h5bp' and 'langsbottom' into masterJonas Smedegaard4 years
master-daMerge branches 'bars', 'h1title-da', 'h5bp-da' and 'langsbottom' into master-daJonas Smedegaard4 years
plaintitleMerge branches 'bars', 'h5bp' and 'langsbottom' into plaintitleJonas Smedegaard6 years
plaintitle-daMerge (manually) branches 'bars', 'h5bp-da' and 'langsbottom' into plaintitle-daJonas Smedegaard6 years
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2017-03-20Merge (manually) branches 'bars', 'h5bp' and 'langsbottom' into masterHEADmasterJonas Smedegaard
2017-03-20Revert "Merge (manually) branches 'bars', 'h1title', 'h5bp-da' and 'langsbott...Jonas Smedegaard
2015-01-22Merge (manually) branches 'bars', 'h1title', 'h5bp-da' and 'langsbottom' into...Jonas Smedegaard
2013-10-12Merge branches 'bars', 'h1title', 'h5bp' and 'langsbottom'Jonas Smedegaard
2013-10-12Move meta tags to bottom of head, and load Modernizr just before (not after) ...Jonas Smedegaard
2013-10-12Remove 'initial-scale' from meta viewport, as done upstream at https://github...Jonas Smedegaard
2013-10-12Add modernizr.Jonas Smedegaard
2013-10-12Add goodies from git:// Smedegaard
2013-10-12Set TITLE as h1 (not meta title) in autotag.Jonas Smedegaard
2013-10-12Add TITLE in h1 above content.Jonas Smedegaard