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+The `testpagespec` directive is supplied by the [[!iki plugins/testpagespec desc=testpagespec]] plugin.
+This directive allows testing a [[ikiwiki/PageSpec]] to see if it matches a
+page, and to see the part that matches, or causes the match to fail.
+Example uses:
+ \[[!testpagespec pagespec="foopage and barpage" match="foopage"]]
+This will print out something like "no match: barpage does not match
+foopage", highlighting which part of the [[ikiwiki/PageSpec]] is causing
+the match to fail.
+ \[[!testpagespec pagespec="foopage or !bar*" match="barpage"]]
+This will print out something like "no match: bar* matches barpage", since
+the part of the [[ikiwiki/PageSpec]] that fails is this negated match.
+ \[[!testpagespec pagespec="foopage or barpage" match="barpage"]]
+This will print out something like "match: barpage matches barpage",
+indicating the part of the [[ikiwiki/PageSpec]] that caused it to match.
+[[!meta robots="noindex, follow"]]