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+The `tag` and `taglink` directives are supplied by the [[!iki plugins/tag desc=tag]] plugin.
+These directives allow tagging pages. List tags as follows:
+ \[[!tag tech life linux]]
+The tags work the same as if you had put a (hidden) [[ikiwiki/WikiLink]] on
+the page for each tag, so you can use a [[ikiwiki/PageSpec]] match all
+pages that are tagged with a given tag, for example. The tags will also
+show up on blog entries and at the bottom of the tagged pages, as well as
+in RSS and Atom feeds.
+If you want a visible [[ikiwiki/WikiLink]] along with the tag, use taglink
+ \[[!taglink foo]]
+ \[[!taglink tagged_as_foo|foo]]
+Note that if the wiki is configured to use a tagbase, then the tags will be
+located under a base directory, such as "tags/". This is a useful way to
+avoid having to write the full path to tags, if you want to keep them
+grouped together out of the way. Also, since ikiwiki then knows where to put
+tags, it will automatically create tag pages when new tags are used.
+Bear in mind that specifying a tagbase means you will need to incorporate it
+into the `link()` [[ikiwiki/PageSpec]] you use: e.g., if your tagbase is
+`tag`, you would match pages tagged "foo" with `link(tag/foo)`.
+If you want to override the tagbase for a particular tag, you can use
+something like this:
+ \[[!tag /foo]]
+ \[[!taglink /foo]]
+[[!meta robots="noindex, follow"]]