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+The `poll` directive is supplied by the [[!iki plugins/poll desc=poll]] plugin.
+This directive allows you to create online polls in the wiki. Here's an
+example use:
+ \[[!poll 0 "red" 0 "green" 0 "blue"]]
+The numbers indicate how many users voted for that choice. When a user
+votes for a choice in the poll, the page is modified and the number
+While some basic precautions are taken to prevent users from accidentially
+voting twice, this sort of poll should not be counted on to be very
+accurate; all the usual concerns about web based polling apply. Unless the
+page that the poll is in is locked, users can even edit the page and change
+the numbers!
+* `open` - Whether voting is still open. Set to "no" to close the poll to
+ voting.
+* `total` - Show total number of votes at bottom of poll. Default is "yes".
+* `percent` - Whether to display percents. Default is "yes".
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