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+The `linkmap` directive is supplied by the [[!iki plugins/linkmap desc=linkmap]] plugin.
+This directive uses [graphviz]( to generate a
+graph showing the links between a set of pages in the wiki. Example usage:
+ \[[!linkmap pages="* and !blog/* and !*/Discussion"]]
+Only links between mapped pages will be shown; links pointing to or from
+unmapped pages will be omitted. If the pages to include are not specified,
+the links between all pages (and other files) in the wiki are mapped.
+Here are descriptions of all the supported parameters to the `linkmap`
+* `pages` - A [[ikiwiki/PageSpec]] of the pages to map.
+* `height`, `width` - Limit the size of the map to a given height and width,
+ in inches. Both must be specified for the limiting to take effect, otherwise
+ the map's size is not limited.
+* `connected` - Controls whether to include pages on the map that link to
+ no other pages (connected=no, the default), or to only show pages that
+ link to others (connected=yes).
+For best results, only a small set of pages should be mapped, since
+otherwise the map can become very large, unwieldy, and complicated.
+If too many pages are included, the map may get so large that graphviz
+cannot render it. Using the `connected` parameter is a good way to prune
+out pages that clutter the map.
+[[!meta robots="noindex, follow"]]