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+The `inline` directive is supplied by the [[!iki plugins/inline desc=inline]] plugin.
+This is a directive that allows including one wiki page inside another.
+The most common use of inlining is generating blogs and RSS or Atom feeds.
+ \[[!inline pages="blog/* and !*/Discussion" show="10" rootpage="blog"]]
+Any pages that match the specified [[PageSpec]] (in the example, any
+[[SubPage]] of "blog") will be part of the blog, and the newest 10
+of them will appear in the page. Note that if files that are not pages
+match the [[PageSpec]], they will be included in the feed using RSS
+enclosures, which is useful for podcasting.
+The optional `rootpage` parameter tells the wiki that new posts to this
+blog should default to being [[SubPages|SubPage]] of "blog", and enables a
+form at the top of the blog that can be used to add new items.
+If you want your blog to have an archive page listing every post ever made
+to it, you can accomplish that like this:
+ \[[!inline pages="blog/* and !*/Discussion" archive="yes"]]
+You can even create an automatically generated list of all the pages on the
+wiki, with the most recently added at the top, like this:
+ \[[!inline pages="* and !*/Discussion" archive="yes"]]
+If you want to be able to add pages to a given blog feed by tagging them,
+you can do that too. To tag a page, just make it link to a page or pages
+that represent its tags. Then use the special `link()` [[PageSpec]] to match
+all pages that have a given tag:
+ \[[!inline pages="link(life)"]]
+Or include some tags and exclude others:
+ \[[!inline pages="link(debian) and !link(social)"]]
+## usage
+There are many parameters you can use with the `inline`
+directive. These are the commonly used ones:
+* `pages` - A [[PageSpec]] of the pages to inline.
+* `show` - Specify the maximum number of matching pages to inline.
+ Default is 10, unless archiving, when the default is to show all.
+ Set to 0 to show all matching pages.
+* `archive` - If set to "yes", only list page titles and some metadata, not
+ full contents.
+* `description` - Sets the description of the rss feed if one is generated.
+ Defaults to the name of the wiki.
+* `skip` - Specify a number of pages to skip displaying. Can be useful
+ to produce a feed that only shows archived pages.
+* `postform` - Set to "yes" to enable a form to post new pages to a
+ blog.
+* `postformtext` - Set to specify text that is displayed in a postform.
+* `rootpage` - Enables the postform, and allows controling where
+ newly posted pages should go, by specifiying the page that
+ they should be a [[SubPage]] of.
+Here are some less often needed parameters:
+* `actions` - If set to "yes" add links to the bottom of the inlined pages
+ for editing and discussion (if they would be shown at the top of the page
+ itself).
+* `rss` - controls generation of an rss feed. If the wiki is configured to
+ generate rss feeds by default, set to "no" to disable. If the wiki is
+ configured to `allowrss`, set to "yes" to enable.
+* `atom` - controls generation of an atom feed. If the wiki is configured to
+ generate atom feeds by default, set to "no" to disable. If the wiki is
+ configured to `allowatom`, set to "yes" to enable.
+* `feeds` - controls generation of all types of feeds. Set to "no" to
+ disable generating any feeds.
+* `emptyfeeds` - Set to "no" to disable generation of empty feeds.
+ Has no effect if `rootpage` or `postform` is set.
+* `template` - Specifies the template to fill out to display each inlined
+ page. By default the `inlinepage` template is used, while
+ the `archivepage` template is used for archives. Set this parameter to
+ use some other, custom template, such as the `titlepage` template that
+ only shows post titles or the `microblog` template, optimised for
+ microblogging. Note that you should still set `archive=yes` if
+ your custom template does not include the page content.
+* `raw` - Rather than the default behavior of creating a blog,
+ if raw is set to "yes", the page will be included raw, without additional
+ markup around it, as if it were a literal part of the source of the
+ inlining page.
+* `sort` - Controls how inlined pages are [[sorted|pagespec/sorting]].
+ The default is to sort the newest created pages first.
+* `reverse` - If set to "yes", causes the sort order to be reversed.
+* `feedshow` - Specify the maximum number of matching pages to include in
+ the rss/atom feeds. The default is the same as the `show` value above.
+* `feedonly` - Only generate the feed, do not display the pages inline on
+ the page.
+* `quick` - Build archives in quick mode, without reading page contents for
+ metadata. This also turns off generation of any feeds.
+* `timeformat` - Use this to specify how to display the time or date for pages
+ in the blog. The format string is passed to the strftime(3) function.
+* `feedpages` - A [[PageSpec]] of inlined pages to include in the rss/atom
+ feeds. The default is the same as the `pages` value above, and only pages
+ matched by that value are included, but some of those can be excluded by
+ specifying a tighter [[PageSpec]] here.
+* `guid` - If a URI is given here (perhaps a UUID prefixed with `urn:uuid:`),
+ the Atom feed will have this as its `<id>`. The default is to use the URL
+ of the page containing the `inline` directive.
+* `feedfile` - Can be used to change the name of the file generated for the
+ feed. This is particularly useful if a page contains multiple feeds.
+ For example, set "feedfile=feed" to cause it to generate `page/feed.atom`
+ and/or `page/feed.rss`. This option is not supported if the wiki is
+ configured not to use `usedirs`.
+* `pagenames` - If given instead of `pages`, this is interpreted as a
+ space-separated list of links to pages (with the same
+ [[SubPage/LinkingRules]] as in a [[ikiwiki/WikiLink]]), and they are inlined
+ in exactly the order given: the `sort` and `pages` parameters cannot be used
+ in conjunction with this one.
+[[!meta robots="noindex, follow"]]
+A related directive is the [[ikiwiki/directive/edittemplate]] directive, which allows
+default text for a new page to be specified.