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masterMerge declarations.Jonas Smedegaard9 years
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2012-08-02Merge declarations.HEADmasterJonas Smedegaard
2012-08-02Improve cluster labels.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-08-02Include forms in webtools.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-08-02Improve labels. Drop grey coloring.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-08-02Try comment out bringing css object closer together.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-08-02Fix rank search db as stored data (not storage type).Jonas Smedegaard
2012-08-02Try bring css object closer together.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-08-02Rank search and css engines same.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-08-02Stop ranking search and iki engines same.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-08-02Improve relationships between search objects.Jonas Smedegaard