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masterOrganize homebase as proper branch.jonas14 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2008-07-06Organize homebase as proper branch.HEADmasterjonas
2007-02-07Bump up makebootfat options to support syslinux 3.x and USB-ZIP support.jonas
2007-02-07The actual rootfs names has no trailing 'fs'jonas
2007-02-07Update target jones to new addons logic.jonas
2006-10-22Fix adding blkid info to specs file.jonas
2006-10-22purge /var/cache/bootstrap (in addition to the seemingly no longer used /var/...jonas
2006-10-22Rewrite to load modules explicitly (hotplug is going away).jonas
2006-10-22Idempotency fix: Overwrite when configuring.jonas
2006-10-22Disable flashybrid_diskstore only once.jonas
2006-10-22Fix typo.jonas