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2017-03-29Fix pass content (not stringified content, failing when undef) to log mesage.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-03-29Modernize Pandoc::Element usage: stringify($ast) → $ast->string.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-03-23Widen to cover curly doublequote.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-03-23Refactor - should actually work sufficiently for current document now.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-03-20Avoid given/when.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-03-20Use sprintf, and tidy surrounding code and comment slightly.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-03-20Use Log::Any (not Log::Contextual).Jonas Smedegaard
2015-03-19Adapt emphasis filter to expect and emit semantic Quoted (Not quote char in S...Jonas Smedegaard
2015-03-17Add and enable emphasis filter, and add foreign package.Jonas Smedegaard