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2014-12-25Group all args, and add unflavored tex target (for debugging purposes).Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-25Apply filters only once: Add native format as staging target.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-25Tidy.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-25Create 3 flavors: a4 book ebook.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-25Add IRI filter to beautify (i.e. canonicalize and internationalize) links (in...Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-25Work around modest URL parsing.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-25Have pandoc target depend on filters and all templates.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-25Resolve arguments separate from target.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-22Handle draft/final status.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-22Styling: 10pt (i.e. default). Single column. Lora / Quattrocento Sans / Incon...Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-22Add section and bibliography filters.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-16Update source basename.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-10Isolate and document regex.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-10Add subtitle, and use memoir documentclass.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-09Add metadata.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-09Wrap and reorder pandoc arguments.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-12-06Initial draft.Jonas Smedegaard