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* Fix ambiguous use of blockquote.
Example: several lists marked as blockquote either lack bibliography
or is not quotes (e.g. page 22).
- * Tighten markup of foreign terms to be consistent and unambiguous.
- Examples: "legislating", "sui generis", "register lifted data",
- "open standard", "machine-readable format", "open format", etc...
- are a mixture of single-quoted, double-quoted,
- curly-single/double-quoted and unquoted.
- * Tighten markup of titles to be consistent and unambiguous.
- Example: "the ISP Directive", "General principle".
* Tighten markup of citation blocks to be consistent and unambiguous.
Example: Some blockquotes are also indented (e.g. page 18).
* Extend credits to include authorship and licensing of layout.