AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-10-13Add debug of Kannel status.HEADmasterJonas Smedegaard
2012-10-12Improve file reading routine, so silence warnings and resolve relative paths.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-12Implement (crudely simple) status command.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-12Add TODO.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-12Add draft send plugin, and add option origin to chain plugin.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-12Add draft plugins.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-11Separate Kannel stub code as new Status command plugin.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-11Add description. Use constants.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-11Improve standard boilerplate.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-11Add README and inline POD for script.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-11Convert to App::Cmd application.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-11Use getopt more consistently (also at too few arguments.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-11Use NetSDS::Kannel and Getopt::Long::Descriptive.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-11Fix hashbang.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-11Add dummy talkfile.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-10-11Bootstrap from AnyEvent::XMPP example script talkbot_channel.Jonas Smedegaard