AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-21Add boilerplate. Quote variable to please shellcheck.HEADmasterJonas Smedegaard
2019-04-21Implement options verbose quiet dry-run help.Jonas Smedegaard
2019-04-21Avoid needless subshells.Jonas Smedegaard
2019-04-21Generalize calling localrmaccount.Jonas Smedegaard
2019-04-21Really fix tests.Jonas Smedegaard
2019-04-21Fix and simplify tests.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-01-24Fix add --force-badnameJonas Smedegaard
2016-02-27Drop localresizediskvol: Obsoleted by -r option of lvresize/lvreduce/lvextend.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-09-21Add commands to check DHCP leases.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-09-14Fix quote $user.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-06-08Drop check for base user: ften used for machine users without main account.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-05-22Fix drop $ from arithmetic variables.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-03-28Add new script to setup SMTP sub-account for use e.g. with nullmailer.root
2015-02-21Modernize syntax.Jonas Smedegaard
2014-04-17Separate localrmaccount from localrmstaleaccounts.Jonas Smedegaard
2013-11-16Extend copyright and tighten licensing to GPL-v3+.Jonas
2013-11-16Drop resolved TODOs.Jonas
2013-11-16Modernize to use $() instead of ``.Jonas
2013-11-16Fix resolve fullname before use.Jonas
2013-11-16Avoid bashism in test.Jonas
2013-11-16Fix avoid reading config file twice.Jonas
2013-11-16Fix avoid failure reading config files.Jonas
2013-11-15Fix avoid broken if-fi.Jonas
2013-11-15Stop bindmount'ing webuser subdirs by default.Jonas
2013-11-15Fix create web-related subdirs only for web accounts (not all auxilliary ones).Jonas
2013-01-29Add from as first argument.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-11-29Add new script localrmstaleaccounts.root
2012-09-24Fix avoid hiding diff.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-09-09Drop obsoloete script localrmtoobig.root
2012-09-09Fix update mysqldump option --all → --all-databases.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-05-25Update comment to not mention no longer needed (or existing) localmaildomainc...Jonas Smedegaard
2012-05-25Fix typo in comment.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-05-25Fix syntax of usermod command in comment.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-02-07Advertise only web info (not phone or email support).Jonas Smedegaard
2011-10-08Fix resolve domainname in email template.Jonas Smedegaard
2011-10-08Use getent passwd (not awk directly on passwd file).Jonas Smedegaard
2011-10-08Use getent (not grep shadow file).Jonas Smedegaard
2011-10-08Drop paths from executables.Jonas Smedegaard
2011-10-06Improve default user boilerplate.Jonas Smedegaard
2011-10-06Fix and improve support for local override.Jonas Smedegaard
2011-10-06Drop a bunch of obsolete scripts.Jonas Smedegaard
2011-10-06Add new script localnotifypwexp to warn users before their password expires.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-11-23Avoid lowercasing in uriunescape().Jonas Smedegaard
2010-11-23Pass simplified (not raw) keyword to run-parts.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-11-22Optionally execute /etc/local/sms.d with run-parts.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-11-22Adjust comment: Prefix is just prefix (not international).Jonas Smedegaard
2010-11-22Set ccc per-profile.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-11-22Add new profile hpm.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-10-24Add new convenience wrapper localaddwebuser.Jonas Smedegaard
2010-10-24Add TODO on unmounting eventual bind mounts.Jonas Smedegaard