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-These routines are available at as a GIT archive - like
+These routines are available at as a GIT repository.
+Pull it like this:
git clone
+To publish your own forked repository through web, you need to create a special
+public repository that you "push" your changes into from your private working
+repository (the --all option is rewuired only initially) - like this:
+ GIT_DIR=public_dir/repository_name.git git --bare init --shared
+ chmod +x public_dir/repository_name.git/hooks/post-update
+ git push --all
+To resyncronize an older fork of the repository, re-applying local changes on
+top of the newer upstream GIT source, do like this from within your local
+forked repository:
+ git remote add ikiwiki
+ git fetch ikiwiki
+ git rebase ikiwiki/master