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Update documentation: Adjust make command for overriding GIT source. Add section on translation.
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@@ -25,9 +25,10 @@ To pull in all translatable and translated parts, do this:
-To pull in all parts with write access to the repository, do this:
+To pull in all parts with write access to the repository, do something like
- make origin_ikiwiki='$(underlay).git'
+ make origin_ikiwiki=''
To remove all translatable and translated parts, and anything else below those
directories without warning, do this:
@@ -59,6 +60,41 @@ like this (skip first command on subsequent updates):
git pull ikiwiki master
+Some modules (markdown files - template files are not yet supported by po4a) is
+translatable through the gettext system using PO files.
+To update PO templates for all modules marked as supporting gettext, do this:
+ make pot
+To update PO files for all supported locales of all supported modules, do this:
+ make po
+To update all gettext-supported modules based on newer PO files, do this:
+ make translations
+To initialize new locales, do like this (all on one line):
+ make po po-init-modules="module1 module2" po-init-locales="da sv no"
+If you want to initialize based on an existing locale rather than the master,
+add the origin locale to the above make command similar to this:
+ make po [...] po-init-fromlocale=de
+To add new modules and locales as gettext supported, add them to *_POMODULES
+and *_POLOCALES. Keep them alse in *_MODULES and *_LOCALES to support pulling
+final translations without recreating from PO files.
+Please beware that the automated po4a process is not perfected yet, so check
+the result before use.