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The if directive is supplied by the [[!iki plugins/conditional desc=conditional]] plugin.

With this directive, you can make text be conditionally displayed on a page. For example:

[[!if test="enabled(smiley)" then="Smiley-udvidelsen er aktiveret :-)" else="Ingen smiley-udvidelse her..."]]

If the specified test succeeds, the then text will be displayed, otherwise the else text will be displayed. The else part is optional.

Værdierne then og else kan indeholde enhver opmærkning som ville være tilladt på wikisiden udenfor skabelonen. Trippel-citering af værdien tillader endda at bruge citering som del af værdien.

The test is a [[ikiwiki/PageSpec]]; if it matches any page in the wiki then it succeeds. So you can do things like testing for the existence of a page or pages, testing to see if any pages were created in a given month, and so on.

If you want the [[ikiwiki/PageSpec]] to only match against the page that contains the conditional, rather than matching against all pages in the wiki, set the "all" parameter to "no".

I et if-direktiv udvides den normale [[ikiwiki/PageSpec]]-syntaks med følgende yderligere tests:

  • enabled(udvielse)

    Tests whether the specified plugin is enabled.

  • sourcepage(glob)

    Tests whether the glob matches the name of the page that contains the conditional.

  • destpage(glob)

    Tests whether the glob matches the name of the page that is being built. That might be different than the name of the page that contains the conditional, if it's being inlined into another page.

  • included()

    Tests whether the page is being included onto another page.

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