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The color directive is supplied by the [[!iki plugins/color desc=color]] plugin.

This directive can be used to color a piece of text on a page. It can be used to set the foreground and/or background color of the text.

You can use a color name (e.g. white) or HTML code (e.g. #ffffff) to define colors.


Here the foreground color is defined as a word, while the background color is defined as a HTML color code:

\[[!color foreground=white background=#ff0000 text="Hvid tekst på rød baggrund"]]

The background color is missing, so the text is displayed on default background:

\[[!color foreground=white text="White text on default color background"]]

The foreground is missing, so the text has the default foreground color:

\[[!color background=#ff0000 text="Default color text on red background"]]

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