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+The `postsparkline` directive is supplied by the [[!iki
+plugins/postsparkline desc=postsparkline]] plugin.
+This directive uses the [[!iki plugins/sparkline desc=sparkline]] plugin to
+create a [[sparkline]] of statistics about a set of pages, such as posts to
+a blog.
+# eksempler
+ Bidragsinterval:
+ \[[!postsparkline pages="blog/* and !*/Discussion" max=100
+ formula=interval style=bar barwidth=2 barspacing=1 height=13]]
+ Bidrag per måned dette år:
+ \[[!postsparkline pages="blog/* and !*/Discussion" max=12
+ formula=permonth style=bar barwidth=2 barspacing=1 height=13]]
+# brug
+All options aside from the `pages`, `max`, `formula`, `time`, and `color`
+options are the same as in [[sparkline]] directive.
+You don't need to specify any data points (though you can if you want to).
+Instead, data points are automatically generated based on the creation times
+of pages matched by the specified `pages` [[ikiwiki/PageSpec]]. A maximum of
+`max` data points will be generated.
+The `formula` parameter controls the formula used to generate data points.
+Available formulae:
+* `interval` - The height of each point represents how long it has been
+ since the previous post.
+* `perday` - Each point represents a day; the height represents how many
+ posts were made that day.
+* `permonth` - Each point represents a month; the height represents how many
+ posts were made that month.
+* `peryear` - Each point represents a year; the height represents how many
+ posts were made that year.
+The `time` parameter has a default value of "ctime", since formulae use the
+creation times of pages by default. If you instead want them to use the
+modification times of pages, set it to "mtime".
+To change the color used to draw the sparkline, use the `color` parameter.
+For example, "color=red".
+[[!meta robots="noindex, follow"]]