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+The `img` directive is supplied by the [[!iki plugins/img desc=img]] plugin.
+This is an image handling directive. While ikiwiki supports inlining
+full-size images by making a [[ikiwiki/WikiLink]] that points to the image,
+using this directive you can easily scale down an image for inclusion onto a
+page, providing a link to a full-size version.
+## brug
+ \[[!img image1.jpg size="200x200" alt="skyer"]]
+The image file will be searched for using the same rules as used to find the
+file pointed to by a [[ikiwiki/WikiLink]].
+The `size` parameter is optional, defaulting to full size. Note that the
+original image's aspect ratio is always preserved, even if this means making
+the image smaller than the specified size. You can also specify only the
+width or the height, and the other value will be calculated based on it:
+"200x", "x200"
+You can also pass `alt`, `title`, `class`, `align`, `id`, `hspace`, and
+`vspace` parameters. These are passed through unchanged to the html img
+tag. If you include a `caption` parameter, the caption will be displayed
+centered beneath the image.
+The `link` parameter is used to control whether the scaled image links to
+the full size version. By default it does; set "link=somepage" to link to
+another page instead, or "link=no" to disable the link, or "link=http://url"
+to link to a given url.
+You can also set default values that will be applied to all later images on
+the page, unless overridden. Useful when including many images on a page.
+ \[[!img defaults size=200x200 alt="bryllupsfoto"]]
+ \[[!img photo1.jpg]]
+ \[[!img photo2.jpg]]
+ \[[!img photo3.jpg size=200x600]]
+[[!meta robots="noindex, follow"]]