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+The `sparkline` directive is supplied by the [[!iki plugins/sparkline desc=sparkline]] plugin.
+This directive allows for embedding sparklines into wiki pages. A
+sparkline is a small word-size graphic chart, that is designed to be
+displayed alongside text.
+# examples
+ \[[!sparkline 1 3 5 -3 10 0 width=40 height=16
+ featurepoint="4,-3,red,3" featurepoint="5,10,green,3"]]
+This creates a simple line graph, graphing several points.
+It will be drawn 40 pixels wide and 16 pixels high. The high point in the
+line has a green marker, and the low point has a red marker.
+ \[[!sparkline 1 -1(red) 1 -1(red) 1 1 1 -1(red) -1(red) style=bar barwidth=2
+ barspacing=1 height=13]]
+This more complex example generates a bar graph.
+The bars are 2 pixels wide, and separated by one pixel, and the graph is 13
+pixels tall. Width is determined automatically for bar graphs. The points
+with negative values are colored red, instead of the default black.
+# usage
+The form for the data points is "x,y", or just "y" if the x values don't
+matter. Bar graphs can also add "(color)" to specify a color for that bar.
+The following named parameters are recognised. Most of these are the same
+as those used by the underlying sparkline library, which is documented in
+more detail in [its wiki](
+* `style` - Either "line" (the default) or "bar".
+* `width` - Width of the graph in pixels. Only needed for line graphs.
+* `height` - Height of the graph in pixels. Defaults to 16.
+* `barwidth` - Width of bars in a bar graph. Default is 1 pixel.
+* `barspacing` - Spacing between bars in a bar graph, in pixels. Default is
+ 1 pixel.
+* `ymin`, `ymax` - Minimum and maximum values for the Y axis. This is
+ normally calculated automatically, but can be explicitly specified to get
+ the same values for multiple related graphs.
+* `featurepoint` - Adds a circular marker to a line graph, with optional
+ text. This can be used to label significant points.
+ The value is a comma-delimited list of parameters specifying the feature
+ point: X value, Y value, color name, circle diameter, text (optional),
+ and text location (optional). Example: `featurepoint="3,5,blue,3"`
+ Available values for the text location are: "top", "right", "bottom", and
+ "left".
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