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+The `edittemplate` directive is supplied by the [[!iki plugins/edittemplate desc=edittemplate]] plugin.
+This directive allows registering template pages, that provide default
+content for new pages created using the web frontend. To register a
+template, insert a [[ikiwiki/directive/template]] directive on some other page.
+ \[[!edittemplate template="bugtemplate" match="bugs/*"]]
+In the above example, the page named "bugtemplate" is registered as a
+template to be used when any page named "bugs/*" is created. To avoid
+the directive displaying a note about the template being registered, add
+Often the template page contains a simple skeleton for a particular type of
+page. For the bug report pages in the above example, it might look
+something like:
+ Package:
+ Version:
+ Reproducible: y/n
+ Details:
+The template page can also contain [[!cpan HTML::Template]] directives,
+like other ikiwiki [[templates]]. Currently only one variable is
+set: `<TMPL_VAR name>` is replaced with the name of the page being
+It's generally not a good idea to put the `edittemplate` directive in
+the template page itself, since the directive would then be included as
+part of the template on new pages, which would then in turn be registered
+as templates. If multiple pages are registered as templates for a new page,
+an arbitrary one is chosen, so that could get confusing.
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