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@@ -20,13 +20,26 @@ wrapped to multiple lines if you like:
Also, multiple lines of *quoted* text can be used for a value.
To allow quote marks inside the quoted text, delimit the block
-of text with triple-quotes:
+of text with triple-double-quotes or triple-single-quotes:
\[[!directive text="""
1. "foo"
2. "bar"
3. "baz"
- """]]
+ """ othertext='''
+ 1. 'quux'
+ 2. "foo"
+ ''']]
+If you want to put text with triple quotes into a parameter value, you can
+use perl-style here-doc syntax, even nesting it like this:
+ \[[!directive text=<<OUTER
+ [[!otherdirective <<INNER
+ inner text
+ outer text
ikiwiki also has an older syntax for directives, which requires a space in
directives to distinguish them from [[wikilinks|ikiwiki/wikilink]]. This
diff --git a/ikiwiki/pagespec.mdwn b/ikiwiki/pagespec.mdwn
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--- a/ikiwiki/pagespec.mdwn
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@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ Some more elaborate limits can be added to what matches using these functions:
tags matched by a glob)
* "`backlink(page)`" - matches only pages that a given page links to
* "`creation_month(month)`" - matches only files created on the given month
+ number
* "`creation_day(mday)`" - or day of the month
* "`creation_year(year)`" - or year
* "`created_after(page)`" - matches only files created after the given page
diff --git a/style.css b/style.css
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--- a/style.css
+++ b/style.css
@@ -172,13 +172,14 @@ div.recentchanges {
width: 35%;
font-size: small;
-.recentchanges .pagelinks {
+.recentchanges .pagelinks,
+.recentchanges .revert {
float: right;
margin: 0;
width: 60%;
-#blogform {
+.blogform, #blogform {
padding: 10px 10px;
border: 1px solid #aaa;
background: #eee;
@@ -246,6 +247,9 @@ span.color {
.comment-subject {
font-weight: bold;
+.comment-avatar {
+ float: right;
.comment {
border: 1px solid #aaa;
padding: 3px;
@@ -273,7 +277,7 @@ div.progress-done {
.tags { display: none; }
.feedbutton { display: none; }
#searchform { display: none; }
- #blogform { display: none; }
+ .blogform, #blogform { display: none; }
#backlinks { display: none; }
@@ -484,7 +488,7 @@ a.openid_large_btn:focus {
outline: none;
a.openid_large_btn:focus {
- -moz-outline-style: none;
+ outline-style: none;
.openid_selected {
border: 4px solid #DDD;
diff --git a/templates.mdwn b/templates.mdwn
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--- a/templates.mdwn
+++ b/templates.mdwn
@@ -1,10 +1,5 @@
[[Ikiwiki]] uses many templates for many purposes. By editing its templates,
-you can fully customise this site.
-Templates are located in `/usr/share/ikiwiki/templates` by default;
-the `templatedir` setting can be used to make another directory be
-searched first. Customised templates can also be placed inside the
-"templates/" directory in your wiki's source.
+you can fully customise its appearance, and avoid duplicate content.
Ikiwiki uses the HTML::Template module as its template engine. This
supports things like conditionals and loops in templates and is pretty
@@ -16,17 +11,19 @@ easy to learn. All you really need to know to modify templates is this:
* To use one block of text if a variable is set and a second if it's not,
use `<TMPL_IF variable>text<TMPL_ELSE>other text</TMPL_IF>`
-[[!if test="enabled(template)" then="""
+[[!if test="enabled(template) or enabled(edittemplate)" then="""
## template pages
+Template pages are regular wiki pages that are used as templates for other
+[[!if test="enabled(template)" then="""
The [[!iki ikiwiki/directive/template desc="template directive"]] allows
-wiki pages to be used as templates, filled out and inserted into other
-pages in the wiki.
+template pages to be filled out and inserted into other pages in the wiki.
[[!if test="enabled(edittemplate)" then="""
-## default content for new pages
The [[!iki ikiwiki/directive/edittemplate desc="edittemplate directive"]] can
be used to make new pages default to containing text from a template
page, which can be filled out as the page is edited.
@@ -34,18 +31,30 @@ page, which can be filled out as the page is edited.
[[!if test="(enabled(template) or enabled(edittemplate))
and enabled(inline)" then="""
+These template pages are currently available:
[[!inline pages="templates/* and !*.tmpl and !templates/*/* and !*/discussion"
feeds=no archive=yes sort=title template=titlepage
-rootpage=templates postformtext="Add a new template named:"]]
+rootpage=templates postformtext="Add a new template page named:"]]
-## wiki templates
+## template files
+Template files are unlike template pages in that they have the extension
+`.tmpl`. Template files are used extensively by Ikiwiki to generate html.
+They can contain html that would not normally be allowed on a wiki page.
+Template files are located in `/usr/share/ikiwiki/templates` by default;
+the `templatedir` setting can be used to make another directory be
+searched first. Customised template files can also be placed inside the
+"templates/" directory in your wiki's source -- files placed there override
+ones in the `templatedir`.
-These templates are used to build the wiki. The aim is to keep almost all
-html out of ikiwiki and in the templates.
+Here is a full list of the template files used:
* `page.tmpl` - Used for displaying all regular wiki pages. This is the
- key template to customise. [[!if test="enabled(pagetemplate)" then="""
+ key template to customise to change the look and feel of Ikiwiki.
+ [[!if test="enabled(pagetemplate)" then="""
(The [[!iki ikiwiki/directive/pagetemplate desc="pagetemplate directive"]]
can be used to make a page use a different template than `page.tmpl`.)"""]]
* `rsspage.tmpl` - Used for generating rss feeds for blogs.
@@ -74,7 +83,7 @@ html out of ikiwiki and in the templates.
* `editpage.tmpl`, `editconflict.tmpl`, `editcreationconflict.tmpl`,
`editfailedsave.tmpl`, `editpagegone.tmpl`, `pocreatepage.tmpl`,
`editcomment.tmpl` `commentmoderation.tmpl`, `renamesummary.tmpl`,
- `passwordmail.tmpl`, `openid-selector.tmpl` - Parts of ikiwiki's user
+ `passwordmail.tmpl`, `openid-selector.tmpl`, `revert.tmpl` - Parts of ikiwiki's user
interface; do not normally need to be customised.
[[!meta robots="noindex, follow"]]
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